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Kaos GL continues interviews about ‘Heterosexism and Art’. ‘’Queer Tango’’ interview with Faysal Tekoğlu will be held on Saturday.

Queer Tango interview with Faysal Tekoğlu Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL continues interviews about “Heterosexism and Art”. ‘’Queer Tango’’ interview with Faysal Tekoğlu will be held on Saturday.

In the sequence of ‘’Art and Heterosexism interview’’, Faysal Tekoğlu will talk about queer tango in this month.

The relationship between gender and tango, and the effects of queer tango will be discussed in the interview.

Interview will be in AKA-DER/Kızılay at 17:00 on Saturday.  Within the scope of ‘’Queer Tango’’ programme, the interview will be free and open to all.

Who is Faysal Tekoğlu?

Tekoğlu was born in Diyarbakır in 1966. He has been interested in dance since 1984 and in tango since 1998. Tekoğlu, who took dance classes in Argentina, has been giving tango classes since 2005 and queer tango since 2008. His tango classes are the only movement in this area which is an invitation for LGBTI persons into heterosexual dance community. His Queer Tango show in pride march 2011, his queer tango classes in theatre fests, national and international workshops in which he participated are few ways to reperform dance with the aim of creating awareness about gender. In short, working on and thinking about queer aspect of tango is a good way for a person to liberate him / her from heterosexist system and discourse; because the underlying idea is that individuals could embrace one another unconditionally and trustfully, and experience the physical and direct version of “if he/she is in, I am in.”


AKA-DER  Kızılay

Selanik Caddesi no:48/10


14 November on Saturday

Time: 17:00

Tags: arts and culture