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LGBTI+ rights defenders were on streets during 1st of May Worker’s Day. Kaos GL summarized what has happened each city with powerful photos.

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LGBTI+ rights defenders were on streets during 1st of May Worker’s Day. Kaos GL summarized what has happened each city with powerful photos. 


Reminding the murdered trans woman Hande Kader, Adana LGBTİ Dayanışması demonstrated on Uğur Mumcu Street with their slogans saying “Hande Kader is our pride – We are on streets against the bans and state of emergency”.


Rainbow cortege met with the call of ODTÜ LGBTİ+ Dayanışması (METU LGBTI+ Solidarity), Gökkuşağının Kızılı and LGBTİ+ Kolektifi. Activists against homophobia/ transphobia/ biphobia demonstrated with their slogans saying “Ban all the Bans”, “Discrimination Out, Rainbow In”, “Queer Labor will beat the Capital” and their rainbow flags.


Antalya BİZ took part in the demonstrations in Aydın Kanza Park in Antalya. Demonstration continued until the Cumhuriyet Square.


After two years, LGBTI+ activists were on the streets on 1st of May. Bursa Free Colors Association lead the rainbow cortege in Bursa. Human rights defenders against homophobia/ transphobia/ biphobia raised voiced against discrimination during their demonstration. They carried rainbow flags and banners saying “There are LGBTI+ workers”, “I am a positive worker, even HIV+”.


Denizli LGBTI+ Family Group were also demonstrating agains heterosexism and domination of masculinity on 1st of May.


Keskesor LGBTI were also on the streets against heterosexism and said “We are here against all bans and oppressions!”


Demonstrating with the banner saying “We are on the streets against patriarchy, capitalism, homophobia and transphobia”, Kuir Eskişehir and Anadolu LGBTI walked through Seylap Caddesi until the Sıhhiye Square in Eskişehir.


Young LGBTI+ Association participated the demonstrations on 1st of May International Worker’s Day in İzmir. Coming together in Cumhuriyet Square, volunteers of the association demonstrated with TODAP and TDP with the call of “Say stop to violence against LGBTIs”.


Kocaeli LGBTİ+ İnisiyatifi took part in 1st of May celebrations in Istanbul.

LGBTİ+ Kolektifi also participated the demonstrations by saying "Liberation in the campus will come with the rainbow"


In 1st of May, Muamma LGBTI+ Initiative were also on the streets of Mersin against heterosexism.

Mersin 7 Colors LGBTI Association also demonstrate with their slogans saying "We will not capital to the pimps/ we will not slave for the capital"

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