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‘How was your day?’ we asked the refugee LGBTI+s. They answered, we translated from Arabic and Farsi and now sharing them with you. Here is the third story: Blue Sea from Luz

Refugee LGBTI+s talk about their days: Blue Sea Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL Refugee Rights Program aims to facilitate LGBTI+ refugees' access to basic rights, official bodies and social networks in the cities where they reside, the program provides legal and social advice through lawyers and social workers working within the program. In addition to all this, the Refugee Rights Program organizes developmental and social events on various topics.

Throughout 2020, the program has met with LGBTI+ refugees who speak Farsi and Arabic. Some of these events were online drama workshops. Kaos GL Refugee Rights Program organized 'Storytelling', a sub-branch of drama, workshops with refugee LGBTI+'s on November 23, 25 and 27 led by theatre and performance artist Gökçe Yiğitel. Refugee LGBTI+'s from seven cities participated in the workshops and told their stories.

As of today, we share those stories with KaosGL.org readers by saying "Every day of us is valuable and worth telling". We are here with the third story. Luz writes about two separate days…


First story

I wake up trying to be as energetic as ever.

I start the day with a cup of Nescafe to ease my nervousness, and I become a kinder person after coffee.

I'm having breakfast in the kitchen. I listen to morning music on the radio while I'm thinking about getting a chance at a better life.

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

I only have one wish. I want to hear some good news from my family or someone else. I want to live a good life. Really, life is boring and routine now. In fact, the truth is always difficult and painful, but it's better.

My only wish is to live a good life with the people I love. Having breakfast together. Time and age are passing by, but I stay at the same place. Yes, that's nice, but it's harder. I want to be at the bottom of the sea with my headphones and enjoy the beautiful blue sea. Only sea waves can ease my pain. The sea is my best friend. I miss the sea even when I'm in the sea. It's so comforting to see the sea. I don't know why I like the sea so much. I can sit in front of the sea for six hours thinking. Sometimes when I'm alone I complain to her and cry, and her beautiful waves light up my soul and she says, "You're fine, you deserve a good life."

Life will go on and we must be strong in good and bad times.

Second story

At 10:00 a.m. today, I woke up upset about my psychological and financial condition. I wanted to entertain myself.

Suddenly a friend I met at the Provincial Migration Administration called me. I didn't know the number as it was not registered. I recognized the caller after talking a bit.

Then my friend wanted to meet at 1 pm. I was very happy. When we meet, they told me about something unexpected. Said they got a call for resettlement. I was both happy and sad at the same time. I was glad for my friend getting the call earlier than usual and I was sad for not receiving any news or response myself.

The obstacle that I always face, is not receiving any help. Neither food or financial, nor psychological support.

I hope to stay in between the past and present. Both hurts.

Objects (telephone, books and television)

Action (reading books while listening to music on TV, on phone or at the library)

Body part (my hand)

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