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LGBT Forum Progress finds that there is no justifiable reason why this NGO should be discriminated or ignored by the leaders of local governments.

Safety For LGBT Persons in Every Montenegrin Municipality Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
The presidents of all municipalities in Montenegro at the beginning of February this year, were informed about the operation of temporary shelters for LGBT people who are in conflict with their families because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
All Montenegrin mayors, including Mayor of Kotor, were informed that the essence of shelters is to provide safe refuge for up to six months, to all persons who in their familiar environment face violence, any kind of discrimination and loss of dignity, or  because of their sexual orientation and gender identity caused the denial  of parental and family support and denied further stay in it.
The existence of the shelter means that no one in Montenegro should  tolerate violence and humiliation, and agree to loss of dignity, just because of their different sexual orientation or gender identity.
As none of them answered to the directed initiatives, the LGBT Forum Progres today repeated the request to all mayors to organize direct reception and conversation
It is, says LGBT Forum Progress, a unique opportunity to promote the existence and operation of LGBT shelters with the relevant local departments and services and at the same time indicate all known cases with specific areas of the municipality.
Also, the support of the Mayor of each individual municipality  is essential for objective reporting and understanding of services and human rights of LGBT people at local level.
Many municipalities in recent months have faced natural disasters. LGBT Forum Progress had a full understanding of the priorities in the field but is now considers that the the more visible contribution of the local leaders to further improve the human rights of all citizens of their municipalities can and should be actualized.
LGBT Forum Progress finds that there is no justifiable reason why this NGO should  be discriminated or ignored by the leaders of local governments. A professional and fair view of the President of municipalities, initiated through the form of action, could significantly improve tolerance and acceptance of LGBT people in the community, improve the human rights culture in our country, act preventively to the possible forms of violence and hatred and encourages acceptance of diversity and to make life and work of LGBT people in each municipality safer and more enjoyable.
LGBT Forum "PROGRESS" is the only transparent, non-governmental organization that brings together LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people in Montenegro, and advocates the respect and protection of their human rights and equality in society

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