22/11/2022 | Writer: Selma Koçak

“We demand justice! We have been asking for the account of Dilek İnce, Hande Kader, Eylül Cansın, Didem Akay, Zirve Soylu and all of our friends we couldn’t mention here!”

TDoR in Eskişehir: Murdered trans+ people are our rebellion! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Eskişehir Pride Week Committee, 87 Initiative for Combatting Discrimination adn Hate Crime, Association of Life Memory Freedom, Eskişehir School, Eskişehir Lubunya (Queer) Solidarity, Osmangazi University LGBTI+ Community and Eskişehir Technical University Queer Community commemorated murdered trans people in Eskişehir.

Gathering at the Eskişehir Community Center on November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance, the institutions said:

“The government not only disregards us but also incites transphobia day by day and condemns us to death, by making hateful statements one after another.”

Reading the press statement on behalf of the institutions, Eren Erken said: “Hundreds of trans people who are not able to continue their education, whose right to health and right to shelter were violated, and who are not even employed are left dead. We are here, we are alive and we know that we have equal rights as all people! We want to live! We don’t want to get used to exile. We are the trans people, who have been displaced by rent-seeking, plunder and looting since 1990’s, who have been packed into trains and exiled.”

Erken also reminded the violence experienced in Bayram Street and Bornova Street indicating the government: “We know that AKP government is the inheritor of the fascist junta of the 90s.”

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