19/11/2012 | Writer: Kaos GL

The 127th issue of Kaos GL Magazine on ‘Social Policies’ is out now

The 127th issue of Kaos GL Magazine on ‘Social Policies’ is out now Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
For the magazine’s special issue, Burcu Yakut-Çakar, Şemsa Özar, Dicle Çakmak, Elif Tuğba Doğan, Erdal Partog, Gaye Burcu Yıldız, Gülbahar Örnek, Selçuk Candansayar, Simten Coşar, Volkan Yılmaz and Yüksel Akkaya wrote. This issue includes many contributions from abroad, too. They are social service experts, educators, health experts and trade unionists. Among them, Brian O’Neill, Onyii Udegbe, Zack Marshall and Tess Vo from Canada, Hans Knutagard from Sweden, Marten van den Berge and Juul van Hoof from the Netherlands and Martyn Higgins from the UK made important contributions.
Besides that, Cenk Erdem conversates with “the Golden Nightingale of the Middle East”, Neşe Karaböcek. Hakan Bilge asks “How to make a misogynist movie?”. Osman Bulugil making his last football collection for the magazine pushes the circle of Mediterranean-migration-football. Seçkin Tercan brings the American photographer Jeff Sheng with his exhibition on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and asks: “Don’t ask! Don’t tell! But how do these gays live?” What’s more, Erinç Seymen’s work Sürpriz Tanık I (Unexpected Witness I) covers the middle page.
Kaos GL Magazine editors determined its next special issue for the 128th issue as “Reification vs. Queer”. The deadline for contributions is 10 December 2012. You can contact the editors from editor@kaosgl.org 

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