27/09/2022 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Ankara 9th Criminal Court of Peace rejected Kaos GL’s objection to the court decision banning Hornet.

The court rejected Kaos GL’s objection to ban on Hornet Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

A gay dating application Hornet was blocked in accordance with the law no 2020/5617 by Ankara 8th Criminal Court of Peace. Users were able to gain access to the application for quite a while, however Hornet was removed from App Store after a court order in August 2021.

Kaos GL Association clamored against the court order considering prevention. Remarking that the prevention decision means exclusion of LGBTI+ existence from the society the association told: “This prevention, which was realized under color of avoiding violation of personal rights, means punishment of the communication channel of LGBTI+ community as a whole.”

Ankara 9th Criminal Court of Peace dismissed the objection without reconsidering. Remarking that previous objection related to the prevention decision was rejected, the court decided that “there is no room for decision” considering Kaos GL’s application.

On the other hand the file suited against censorship by Hornet, which has over 3 million users in Turkey, is going on. The objection of Hornet was rejected without conducting a hearing. Therewith the company made an individual application to the Constitutional Court.

Tags: human rights, media