03/01/2021 | Writer: Kaos GL

Outcome Report of the Counsel Meeting with the Members of Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders is out!

“The Impact of the Pandemic on LGBTI+’s” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The global Covid 19 pandemic, experienced by the LGBTI+'s in Turkey in an atmosphere of discrimination shaped by smear campaigns, hate speeches and the institutionalization of anti-LGBTI+ policies. While LGBTI+'s, whose very existence was criminalized, faced difficulties in accessing safe areas during the pandemic, the increasing pressure brought this need for safe space to a much more vital threshold. The anti-LGBTI+ media, which has also generated justifications for the policies that target and narrow the area of civil society, reached a new peak.

Kaos GL and SPoD came together with the members of the Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders within the scope of Kaos GL's Pandemic Meetings, and exchanged ideas on the effects of the pandemic both on the societal level and on the LGBTI+ community.

Representatives from Life Memory Freedom Association (Yaşam Bellek Özgürlük Derneği), Civil Rights Defenders (CRD), Turkish Human Rights Litigation Support Project, Amnesty International, Association for Monitoring Equal Rights, Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) and Memory Center attended the meeting organized online on November 17th.

İdil Engindeniz presented Kaos GL's "How did the Diyanet's khutbah reflect on the media?" as the first act of the meeting. Then, Cem Öztürk explained the "Pandemic Report" of SPoD LGBTI+.

Click here for the report.

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