16/06/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Following the bans on watching movies and having picnics, drinking tea has just been added to the list of prohibited activities for LGBTI+s. The next ban is a burning question!

Turkish authorities banned LGBTI+s from drinking tea! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Bans on Pride Month have taken a tragicomic turn. While the police was on full alert against Pride Month in İzmir, İstanbul police moved up a gear. Kadıköy District Governorship put a ban on the “Tea &Talk” event planned to be organized by Lambdaİstanbul LGBTI+ Solidarity Association.

The event, which has been organized for years by the association, for English-speaking LGBTI+s in İstanbul was banned by Kadıköy District Governorship. The ban decision was garnished to the cafe where the “Tea&Talk” event was announced to be carried out.

According to the Kadıköy District Governorship, it is “inappropriate” for LGBTI+s to sit in a cafe, drink tea and chat.

Film screening is also banned

Kadıköy District Governorship had put a ban on screening of Pride at Science Education Esthetic Culture Art Researches Foundation (BEKSAV) and had detained those who came for watching the film on June 7.

“Considering the posts on social media, it is seen that the planned event is against public morality, may cause outrage in society, may have a harmful effect on national, conscientious and humanitarian values and can threaten internal peace; and taking into account the possibility of verbal and physical provocations between the groups / individuals organizing the event and our citizens, strong evidence and information regarding the necessity of maintaining public order, preventing the commission of crime and protecting the rights and freedoms of others from being jeopardized, were obtained.”

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