27/02/2017 | Writer: Kaos GL

Kaos GL Association announced the theme of the 6th Feminist Forum to be held in Ankara on March 10-12.

Utopia in the Twilight of Hope: 6th Feminist Forum Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL Association announced the theme of the 6th Feminist Forum to be held in Ankara on March 10-12: Utopia in the Twilight of Hope!

CANAN; The Eye Of Big Brother : Ankara; Fabric, thread and paillette on tulle; Dimention: 200 x 410 cm; Photography: © CHROMA

Utopia means both “nowhere/ no place” and a “good place”. It is magical even as a word. It expresses a desire to a wonderful world. It voices a never-ending call for that world –persistently against the nemesis of freedom… Persistently against exploitation and domination… Persistently against the denial of diversity and our existence… While expressing itself, freedom often refers utopias as well, because as long as a free word is being imagined, there will always be resistant ones…

Ernst Bloch following the history of utopias till the ‘unseen’ world regards utopia as “the arising of hope from the future in the past”. In brief, the same dream exists in the drafts of the future as much as it exists in the forgotten experiences of the matriarchy. Further, utopia is the spirit of the present in the middle of the inconsistent life… It arises in daily life as much as it arises in the literature, the art, the movies. While there are bosses exploiting our labor, brokers usurping our rights, courts in which harassments and rapes are justified, homophobic ones, transphobic ones, the dominant ones targeting us for the hateful masses, and the ones who think that destroying an innocent cat house is an accomplishment; even in the middle of an exhausting day people can start dreaming of a world without all of those.

Desire for freedom is triggered by such a “daydream”, and the political impact of the utopic one emerges as such. And dystopias will come along with this call – to shout out what might-be if we lose hearts, and to prevent us to face with the evil in the worst…

Therefore, this year we will discuss our utopias in Feminist Forum! Persistent to the bosses, pimps, states, patriarchy and the evil….! 

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