16/03/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Women Gathering in İstanbul: “We are going to establish the new. We are going to defend our lives. Long live women solidarity!”

“We will hold you to account and we have power to establish the new” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Photograph: M. Güneş

In advance of March 8th, “Women Gathering” protest was held in İstanbul. Trans+ cortege was also at the rally, which included many women and feminist organizations. 

Hundreds of people who participated in the rally, held on March 5th at Beşiktaş Pier in Kadıköy, drew attention to the wreckage caused by the earthquake and the system encourages the unearned income.

March 8 Women Platform, organizer of the protest, marched by shouting the slogan “We will hold you to account and we have power to establish the new”;  and various organizations arrived to the meeting point by marching from various directions.

Trans+ Cortege was there with the banner written “As long as I live, you go crazy” on.

Press statement was read in four languages during the protest. Here are the highlights of the statement:

“People, who could not respond the Turkish questions shouted by Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) towards wreckages, once again revealed the vital importance of public service in mother language. Those, who prevent multiple solidarity of women on behalf of monism, aim to subjugate women, who struggle for a free and equal world opposing the war.”

“Our comrades in women struggle movement, are being slaughtered by the attacks encouraged or planned by the state. They are trying to normalize torture by performing strip-search in prisons and police stations, freedom of women is being prevented by suspension and revocation of conditional releases. We have never obeyed as women and will not either.”

“We are extending our international women solidarity with women who struggle for their life and freedom all over the world. Women’s solidarity cut across all boundaries!”

“We, that is to say women, will establish an equal and free life without violence and exploitation through our struggle all together. We are going to establish the new on our own. We are going to defend our lives on our own. Long live women’s solidarity!”

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