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​Concluding Report of Women and Football Workshop has been published.

Women and Football Workshop: Respect sexual orientations of footballers! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Concluding Report of Women and Football Workshop has been published: “Eveybody has to respect the sexual orientations of football players.”

On 28th April 2018, Women and Football Workshop was organized by Association of Sport and Physical Activity for Women (Kadınlar için Spor ve Fiziksel Aktivite Derneği), Women Sport Clubs Association (Kadın Futbol Kulüpleri Derneği) and Okan University Department of Sport Management. Organized to discuss the communication, sponsorship and management in women’s football, concluding report of the workshop has recently been published.

KaosGL.org compiled some problems and remarks underlining the gender inequality that women players and referees faced in football:

*Some trainers and administrators have homophobic attitudes that they demand their women players to be seem as ‘woman’. Authorities even intervene in how players dress or how long are their hair. They sometimes question the sexual orientation of the players due to their short hair.

*Trainers threaten players to disclose their sexual orientation to their parents.

*In the process of being a referee, there is no gender equality principle. Women referees can only advance in a certain extent in their careers.

“Everybody has to respect sexual orientations of football players”

Solution suggestions have also been listed in the report. Some of the suggestions for these problems are as follows: 

*Everybody has to respect sexual orientations of football players

*Trainers and administrators should not oppress players about their appearance. Players should be recognized with their sportswoman identity at first.

*For ensuring the visibility, images of women referees should be used for banners and ads.

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