06/10/2020 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

The updated 4th edition of the brochure "LGBTI+ Rights Are Union Rights", which explains what can be done for equality of LGBTI+'s in union activities, has been published!

"LGBTI+ Rights are Union Rights" brochure has been updated! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The revised and updated fourth edition of the "LGBTI+ Rights Are Union Rights" brochure, one of the main publications of the Kaos GL Association, has been published.

The brochure, which was published to create a source for trade-unionists on LGBTI+ rights, to increase positive examples and to strengthen unionism against heterosexism, consists of 11 chapters.

These aims are explained in the introduction chapter of the brochure:

"In the struggle against the heterosexism and bi-gender regime, it is important to develop permanent policies starting from the very structure of the union, to maintain advocacy regularly and open to public knowledge, and to show the will to be one of the catalysts of social transformation, starting with its own members.

"With this brochure, we have compiled what can be done to strengthen and reproduce this will. We hope that this brochure will be useful to all those who say 'LGBTI+ rights are human rights', especially to trade unionists..."

After the introduction, in the "Situational Analysis: What Do the LGBTI+ Workers Face" section, the experienced problems and rights violations are discussed through the employment researches of Kaos GL. The rest of the brochure lists what the union can do to defend LGBTI+ rights under the titles "Organization", "Internal Regulations", "Advocacy and Legal Support", "Solidarity with LGBTI+ Organizations".

The brochure also includes a letter of commitment for LGBTI+ equality, sexual orientation and gender identity equality to be used in collective labor contracts, and examples of LGBTI+ equality policy. The brochure ends with the suggestions of the European Trade Union Confederation and basic concepts glossary.

Click here for the Turkish version of the brochure.

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