02/03/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

A group of men attacked trans women by throwing explosives from their car and live broadcast the attack on Tiktok.

A group of men attacked trans women and broadcasted on Tiktok Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Tiktok account @eyup.ydkrds posted the video of a group of men attacking trans women waiting on the road.

The owner of the account attacked trans women with an explosive during a live broadcast on Tiktok. While he was broadcasting the moment of the attack live, he also wrote the title "the faggots got what they've deserved". The attackers are also seen laughing in the video.

Upon reactions on social media, he changed the account name to @ xq.baran_21. The exact location of the attack is unknown, but tag #izmir35 was used in the Tiktok broadcast.

The Young LGBTI+ Association said the following on their social media accounts:

**Trigger warning

“We are very sorry for this terrible attack in İzmir. We would like to show solidarity with the victims as much as we can, especially in legal issues.

“Can you share this tweet so that we can contact them or their relatives?”

Att. Mahmut Şeren from the association spoke to KaosGL.org about the attack and said that they are trying to contact the victims, they are monitoring the case, and that victims or witnesses of the attack could contact them through the association's social media accounts.

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