11/07/2012 | Writer: Kaos GL

Hate cut the throat of a trans woman living in Antalya.

A Trans Woman Murdered in Antalya, Turkey Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
Hatred murdered a trans woman living in Antalya.
Neşe Dilşeker, born in 1966 and known as “Seçil Anne”, was a resident in Antalya for 15 years and was found dead at her own house around 23:00 on July 10, 2012. Her death came in sight after her friends could not reach her and reported that to the police.
Police officers who entered Dilşeker’s house found her dead body with her throat cut. It was also reported that Dilşeker had deep wounds on her face as well. After investigations in the crime scene, Dilşeker’s funeral was taken to Forensic Science institution.
It is known that the Antalya Police Station has not yet reached the suspect. Cameras around Dilşeker’s house and neighborhod are taken into scrunity. The Police Station is running a broad investigation including the testimonies of her ex-boyfriend and close friends. 
About a month ago, a group driven by transphobic hateful approach performed a street demonstration with a demand that trans individuals should be exiled from Antalya’s Altındağ district.

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