14/06/2021 | Writer: Kaos GL

Kaos GL organized 30 activities, 42 coordination meetings with its partners, reached over 1800 people with its meetings. Posts of Kaos GL have reached more than 4,5 million views on Twitter.

April 2021 activity report of Kaos GL Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL Association continues to publish its “Monthly Activity Report” in order to inform the members, volunteers, and followers about the work of the association.

Click here for the report.


Some of the headlines from the report:

*Organized 30 events, 42 coordination activities.

*Reached over 1800 people through the events

*Provided expert support 47 times to those working in the field.

*Provided academic counsel to 7 projects.

*Provided legal and psychosocial counsel to 29 LGBTI+ refugees in 208 sessions.

*Published 225 content on kaosgl.org.

*Reached to listeners with 4 podcasts.

*The association’s work, news and publications were reported by the media 56 times.

*Distributed over 400 publications and research report to non-governmental organizations and experts.

*Published 7 information notes.

*Kaos GL’s April 26 International Lesbian Visibility Day Twitter campaign reached 1.8 million views.

*Reached over 4,5 million views on Twitter in April.

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