01/06/2020 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

CHP Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu submitted a parliamentary question regarding the issues encountered in access to the HIV testing and treatment services.

CHP İstanbul Deputy Tanrıkulu issues a parliamentary question regarding HIV Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Republican People's Party (CHP) Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu, took the hardships encountered in access to HIV testing and treatment services to the parliamentary agenda by asking the number of people in Turkey that couldn't start to their antiretroviral treatment due to can not getting a doctor appointment form the infection clinics, despite being diagnosed" to Fahrettin Koca, the Minister of Health of Turkey.

Tanrıkulu who took the issues that Positive Solidarity Association has previously announced to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey after meeting with the association also expressed the discrimination and stigmatization.

The whole of Tanrıkulu’s question proposal is as follows:

“In this difficult period, the whole world is struggling with Corona Virus Pandemic, while HIV test centers have to close and most infection polyclinics have suspended their normal appointments. If the necessary precautions are not taken, the spread rate of HIV will increase with Corona Virus Pandemic in this period when HIV treatment (antiretroviral treatment) cannot be accessed because new diagnoses cannot be determined or appointments cannot be made even from infection clinics.”

“Regular treatment for HIV-positive people who continue their daily lives with antiretroviral therapy also means that HIV contagion disappears altogether for them. However, HIV positives who are unable to get tested, cannot contact the infection specialist and therefore cannot start treatment thus they are in the high-risk group during the pandemic period. It is possible that HIV-positive people whose immune system is weakened due to the inability to start the drug treatment will enter the AIDS stage with the risk of Corona Virus and more death.”

“Today, the most important factors that ease and increase the spread of HIV, which means a chronic health status rather than a disease, are the inability of individuals to access the test and treatment, to avoid the test with the fear of discrimination and stigmatization, and not to know or apply the methods of protection from infection."

“In this sense;

By May 20, 2020, what is the total number of people in Turkey that couldn't start to their antiretroviral treatment due to can not getting a doctor appointment form the infection clinics, despite being diagnosed?

What kind of measures will be taken for HIV positive people who cannot start to their treatment and cannot undertake the necessary tests?

What is the total number of infection clinics that accepts new patients and monitors the current patients and stays open during the pandemic in Turkey? What is the scheduled opening date for those that are currently closed?

Will your ministry carry out an assessment of how HIV-positive individuals are affected by the pandemic period?

Do you have a joint project with the Social Security Institution regarding the restriction on access to antiretroviral treatment drugs for non-citizen employees within the Republic of Turkey despite they pay the social security premiums?

What kind of measures will be taken in the wake of this violation of the right to healthcare of foreigners who create a workforce in Turkey and pay their social security premiums?

What kind of projects are being carried out or planned to prevent HIV positives from being discriminated against and stigmatized during the diagnosis and treatment stages by healthcare workers that are educated by out-of-date and unscientific information?

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