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November 11, 2009<br />BIA News Center<br /><br />Right defenders from 11 countries went to the streets in a common protest action against court applications of "reduced sentences because of unjust provocation" for women and LGBTT murderers. In Istanbul the demonstration was organized by the Feminist Collective and the LGBTT Rights Platform.

Female rights defenders, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals (LGBTT) took part in a cross-national protest action for physical and fertility rights in Istanbul together with demonstrators protesting at the same time in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Palestine, Cyprus, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan and Tunisia.

Non-governmental organizations and activists participated in the protest action "A Joint Struggle - Altogether" organized by the Coalition for Sexual and Physical Rights in Muslim Societies. Attention was drawn to murders committed by men under the pretence of honour killings and to practices such as circumcision for women. The protestors demanded to lift discriminating laws considering stoning and flogging and highlighted topics such as LGBTT rights and sex education.

The protest action in Turkey was organized by the Feminist Collective and the LGBTT Rights Platform with support from the TCK Women Platform and the Platform against Sexual Violence. Reduced sentences because of unjust provocations granted by law courts were also on top of the agenda.

About 100 people had gathered on Taksim Square in the evening of 9 November at 7.30 pm, the same time demonstrators came together in the other countries mentioned. The event started with a performance of the Boyali Kus Theatre (Painted Bird).

"Injustice protects murderers"
After the performance Begum Basdas read out the opening declaration.

"The courts enforce article 29 of the Turkish Criminal Code on unjust provocation to protect our murderers", Basdas argued. She criticized the application of reduced sentences under the pretence of unjust provocation for murders committed because of "coquettish" talk, dressing in tights or jeans, refusing sex with the partner and proposing same-sex relationships.

"These practices and the decline of women organizations applications made in the context of the struggle against them show the political element of women murders. This judiciary and this state are entirely male-dominated! Reduction of sentences for LGBTT murders and thus excusing these hatred driven murders is another sign of this male-dominated judiciary", Basdas indicated.

After shouting slogans and singing protest songs, the group of demonstrators marched down from Taksim Square along Istanbuls popular Istiklal Avenue, accompanied by the actors from the Boyali Kus Theatre.

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