11/11/2022 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Fourteen years have passed since Dilek İnce was murdered.

Dilek İnce’s killer couldn’t be found for 14 years! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

It has been fourteen years since Dilek İnce was murdered.

In April 2006, a gang attacked trans women in Eryaman district in Ankara. Most of the trans women had to abandon Eryaman, where they were living. Some of them went out of town and some of them moved to Esat. The attacks went on in Esat as well.

Dilek İnce was one of the trans women, who brought a lawsuit against the perpetrators after the attacks. She was murdered with a shotgun in Etlik in 2008. Her killer is still at large. 

The Esat Eryaman case, in which four people from the gang are being judged on the grounds of assault trans women in Ankara since 2006, and which has been shuttling between Supreme Court and the other courts for more than 10 years and resulted in a sentence against the attackers, is being heard again following the reversal of the judgment by the Supreme Court.

The Esat-Eryaman case, which has been on trial for 16 years, was postponed to November 21.

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