25/01/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

“You cannot imprison Pınar, however we have been imprisoning this inhuman persecution imposed on a human being, her family and all those for whom she fought, for 25 years, every day, every moment.”

Four acquittals have not been satisfied, Pınar Selek is still on trial Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

A new act is on within the context of the Pınar Selek case, which has been pending for 25 years. Having been acquitted for four times due to the explosion that occurred at Spice Bazaar in 1998, Pınar Selek is going to be on trial once again.

Following the reversal of the acquittal decision by Court of Cassation Assembly of Criminal Chamber in June last year, an arrest warrant was issued for Selek.

The judgment process recommenced after the acquittal decision, given by the İstanbul 15th Heavy Penal Court in 2014, was reversed in 2022. Selek and the other defendant Abdülmecit Ö. are on retrial with the demand for aggravated life imprisonment.

We Are Still Witness Initiative released a statement and made a call for solidarity earlier on the retrial which will begin on March 31th by saying: “A new act of the Spice Bazaar conspiracy, which left its’ mark in political history of Turkey, where the criminalization of the opposition through conspiracies is the most common and statutory dark procedure, has begun.”

Tags: human rights