09/06/2020 | Writer: Yıldız Tar

A group of men in Beylikdüzü harassed an 18-year-old gay teenager and their friends, attacked, and drove a car on them.

Homophobic hate attack in İstanbul Beylikdüzü Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

WARNING: This story is related to violence. Although details are not included, the incident is narrated. Content can trigger the memories of those who have previously exposed or witnessed violence, discrimination, hatred, and have traumatic effects. In such a case, you can contact the mental health professional you think can support you, contact the LGBTI+ formation in your city, or email danisma@kaosgl.org for support.

Hate attacks against the LGBTI+'s continue systematically. In addition to the hate attack in Maçka Park in Istanbul and discrimination in 4. Levent that took place in the past few days; An 18-year-old teenager was attacked in Beylikdüzü on June 5.

Homophobic harassment and assault

A group of men approached to Han and two other friends by car while they were walking on the road in Beylikdüzü, harassed them, then drove the car on them and attacked Han with a bottle. Han explained to KaosGL.org about the incident:

“I went to Beylikdüzü to see my friends. I went outside to return home. I had two friends with me. A vehicle has came. He said to me, "Your legs are beautiful". They went away, than came again and this time they drove the car on us. They catcalled us again. They were calling me, "Hey you in shorts." I turned my back, looked into his eye, "The whore of a man" he said to me. Then he quickly got out of the car. He had a whiskey bottle in his hand. He hit my face with the bottle. I didn't felt any pain with the heat of the incident. I felt blood filled to my eye. There was blood all over me. I fell to the ground, my friends screamed. They kicked me while I was lying on the ground. I cried saying "I don't want to die". I shouted and yelled, but they were still beating me. When one of my friends screamed very loud, they got into the car and drove away. ”

They didn’t pay any attention in the police station

Han's friends also noted the car's license plate to press charges. Han went to the police station in the district where the incident took place, but the cops did not pay any attention. According to the Han, their statement was taken, but they did not sign the statement and the police did not receive their names and contact numbers. The police said, "Nothing will happen" and sent them away. Upon this, Han went to the police headquarters in the district where they lived and filed a statement there.

Han says they are very pleased from the support they received upon sharing their experience on social media:

“I am very happy for the support. My friends supported me too. But I'm scared to get on the street. I can't go alone. Do you believe I have never been to Taksim, I went with my friends yesterday. But I'm afraid, even when going to the store alone. ”

Hate crimes in Turkey

According to the Homophobia and Transphobia Based Hate Crimes Report 2019 of Kaos GL, perpetrators are consist of two or more individuals for the two-thirds of the homophobia or transphobia based hate crimes. In the 41 of the 150 cases that took place in 2019, i.e. quarter of the cases the perpetrators are more than three people.

According to the results of the 2019 survey, only 26 of the 150 cases were reported to the police. As the reason for not reporting, the most stated reasons are “not believing that the application will work”, “avoiding being exposed to the family or media by the police” and “not wanting to be discriminated against by the police”.

“These responses illustrate the distrust of LGBTI +'s towards government bodies, specifically for the police. They prefer not to go to the police, in order not to further violated, even when they are exposed to explicit crimes such as physical violence, sexual harassment, threats, blackmail, deforcement, and even rape. Unfortunately, the answers given to the question of how the police reacted in the reported cases also make this preference partially understandable. Approximately half of the 26 cases reported in 2019, the police acted “unconcerned” and about one-third “humiliating or rebuffing”. This finding points to the origins of homophobia and transphobia-based discrimination, which are institutionalized as well as social. In most cases, the police see criminals as excusable and victims as deserved.”

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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