04/03/2020 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

Lesbians* are shaping the history of future together: Call for International Lesbian* Conference of Kaos GL!

Lesbians* are shaping the history of future together! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Image: A lesbian day, Ugemfo, 2020, hand embroidery on cloth

Kaos GL Association will hold an International Lesbian* Conference in Izmir on April 24-26 on the occasion of Lesbian Visibility Day.

Workshops will also take place at the conference, which will be announced in the coming days. Those who want to organize a workshop should apply by e-mail to kadin@kaosgl.org address by March 15.

Here is the first invitation letter for the conference:

At the international conference, which will take place on the occasion of Lesbian Visibility Day, we will write the history of the future together, with literature, contemporary art, lesbian resistance practices in different geographies of the world, with games and, of course, dance.

Inspired by the invitation call of the Women to Women Story Contest's 15th Year, which was themed as "Remembering the Future", we invite you to shape our possible histories on this conference, reminding ourselves that the imagination comes before the practice.

On the occasion of lesbian visibility day, we want to examine the history of the lesbian movement and compile information about the problems that lesbians face. We want to gather information about the discrimination that we've been subjected to in our lives and to imagine and discuss what possible campaigns and action plans can be developed around the theme of "Remember the Future". We want to include solidifying events to empower and encourage lesbian activists who feel more alone and powerless under the influence of the politic atmosphere of the country in the past years, and to be inspired by the works and existences of the artists from all around the world, as well as inspiring them.

We await your workshop applications!

We would like to organize this conference, which we will include different methods together with traditional presentation forms, together with you. We look forward to your applications if there are workshops, performances, presentations that you want to perform in this conference. If you need financial support for travel, meals, accommodation, etc., don't forget to write a letter about your motivation that doesn't exceed 300 words alongside your application document. The deadline for workshop applications is March 15th!  Be sure to send your mail to kadin@kaosgl.org with the title "Lesbian* visibility day."

Please include the following information in your application;

1- Name of the person or institution applying

2- Title of workshop/presentation/performance

3- Describe the content and method of the workshop/presentation/performance, not exceeding 600 words.

4- Describe which audience does your work address or how many people would you like to include to your activity.

5- Specify the materials you will use, need in your workshop/presentation/performance (projection, pen, etc.)

6- Add a short biography

The conference is open only to participants who have registered before. In order to participate, please remember to register when the program is published.

*Our goal is to organize an inclusive Lesbian Conference. We call it lesbian on purpose and willingly; On the other hand, we know that each category or label we use will be insufficient to reflect the diversity of our community. We know that many lesbian organizations before us are struggling with problems of inclusion or exclusion. Despite all, using the word 'lesbian' is part of our political struggle in terms of visibility, empowerment and representation. That's why we use the word as "lesbian*". In that way, we aim to include anyone who describes themselves as lesbian, feminist, bisexual or queer, or who feels connected to lesbian activism.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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