04/05/2012 | Writer: Kaos GL

On 23th April 2012, there was a meeting with LGBT refugees living in Eskişehir in the office in this city.

On 23th April 2012, a meeting was held in STGM's (Civil Society Development Center)  Eskşehir office with LGBT refugees living in Eskişehir. This meeting was within the scope of local meetings with refugees carried out by Kaos GL, IRQO and Heartland Alliance as part of Meeting Against Homophobia.
In the meeting, violence against LGBT refugees and discrimination and difficulties to which they expose in terms of the access to health services were discussed.
In the meeting, LGBT asylum seekers and refugees stated that police treatment was changing from city to city and sometimes there could be disturbing questions about sexual orientation. They also indicated that they got stuck in the house in satellite cities and they did not find anything to do. They said that they did not go out due to the fact that they could be exposed to violence and abuse in the street. 
They stated that free medical inspection was easy, but the procedure in order to be treated was too long and thus they had to buy medicine by themselves.
After the meeting, the participants and organizers had lunch together on the coast of the lake.  
Translation: Ecem Yıldırım 

Tags: human rights