18/12/2015 | Writer: Gökhan C.

A forum was done to form policies against homophobia and transphobia at 4th Symposium against Discrimination.

A forum was done to form policies against homophobia and transphobia at 4th Symposium against Discrimination.

In forum which was directed by Remzi Altunpolat from Kaos GL Association, Koray Başar, Filiz Ak and Hüsnü Yıldırım took place at 4th Symposium against Discrimination.

“How we are going to heal each other?”

Altunpolat who opened the session, said “we need to answer the questions such as how we will continue our unity in this hall, how we can become partners about LGBTI and health issue, how we will walk together, which way we choose and how we are going heal each other.

“When we say LGBTs and health, it gets understood as LGBTs and health care professionals. We might ignore the fact that there is the possibility of health care professionals being lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans. “

Up to today, Filiz Ak stated that they have been sensitive about LGBT yet they didn’t have any systematic policy until quite recently.

Ak, by mentioning the Turkish Medical Association’s thoughts on preparing brochures, described it as something that should be an example to other LGBTI associations.

“Psychiatrist are blameworthy on stigmatization”

Koray Başar who talks on behalf of Psychiatric Association of Turkey, said that everything in life is connected to health.

Başar reminded the responsibilities of mental health services on sexual orientation and gender identity in respect of stigmatization and talked about the works of association on sexual orientation and gender identity so as to abolish stigmatization, discrimination and prejudice.

After describing the importance of related associations’ manner, Başar stated “Psychiatry education does not include sexual orientation and gender identity. So, people’s prejudices still exist under white coat without these educations. Doctors are trying to expose their rights as if those are scientific and everyone should accept.”

“Friends from Kaos GL were not welcome in unions”

Hüsnü Yıldırım began talking by describing the hardship they get through. Yıldırım continued, “At the moment when we were creating the public employee movement, friends from Kaos GL were not welcome in the unions. It makes me happy to see that we have made very a long way.

Yıldırım said “we try to fight off anywhere against it. Acting together as an union will be good for all of us,” by indicating that anti-transphobi and anti-homophobia movement should be more visible in unions.

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