29/12/2021 | Writer: Kaos GL

Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman Soylu, continues spreading hatred and enmity against LGBTI+s.

Minister of Internal Affairs once again targeted LGBTI+s Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman Soylu, who systematically targets LGBTI+s, took advantage of a meeting arranged within the context of  “Mukhtars (Neighborhood Representatives) in Turkey Han in Hand” at Bursa Atatürk Congress and Culture Center this time.

Soylu, who never misses a trick when it comes to targeting LGBTI+s, asked “What is the source of this love?” to the mukhtars. The statements, targeting LGBTI+s, of Soylu, who answered his own question, are as follows:

“Which parents in your neighborhood apply to you in order to develop and spread LGBTs in this country? Is there a single mom or a dad applying to you by saying ‘Let LGBTs spread. Our children should be more related to these kinds of issues?’ So what is the source of this love, where does it come from? Surely from Europe and USA. How does it emerge? It’s a piece of cake. They have associations, foundations, actually embassies abroad. How do we remain standing? They attack via drugs, we remain standing. They attack by terrorism, we remain standing. They attack via economy, we remain standing. Why? Because our family structure is powerful. Our family structure is not shaken and we progress. They are doing their best to make our ground slippery however they were not able to succeed.”

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