27/01/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Selin Ciğerci announced that she became a mother and she was subjected to hate speech and threats on social media. Instead of protecting Ciğerci and the child, the Ministry of Family turned to prosecution in order to “investigate the allegations of adoption”.

Ministry of Family expressed their transphobia as fast as greased lightning! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Trans woman artist and businesswoman Selin Ciğerci announced that she became a mother yesterday (January 26) on her social media account. Following her annunciation regarding the completion of the adoption process with her ex-husband, she also received many hateful messages targeting Ciğerci and her child, besides messages of support.

On the other side, the Ministry of Family and Social Services made a statement and announced that they had turned to the prosecutor instead of taking action against hate speech targeting Ciğerci and her child. Claiming that there was no official application for adoption, the Ministry used the following statements:

“We considered making a statement necessary regarding the news and posts in the press and on social media about ‘Selin Ciğerci’s adoption’.

There isn’t an official application for adoption made to our Ministry by Selin Ciğerci and her former husband Gökhan Çıra, aforementioned in the news.

We turned to Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in order to take all necessary measures for investigating the allegations in the news, conducting judicial investigation against potential related parties of the case, and carrying out a social study about the child." 

Tags: human rights, women, arts and culture, family