28/03/2022 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Tens of thousands gathered at Newroz in İstanbul despite the cold weather. It is time to win!

Newroz İn İstanbul: “We refuse male-dominant policies which attack LGBTI+s’ right to live!” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Photograph: Tolga Balcı

Newroz is being celebrated with the slogan “It is time to win” (Dem dema serkeftinê ye) here there and anywhere. Yenikapı Square was the address of Newroz in İstanbul.

Tens of thousands celebrated Newroz in Yenikapı Square despite the cold weather below the seasonal normals. LGBTI+s participated in Newroz with their rainbow and trans flags.

Tuğçe Özçelik read the joint Newroz text on behalf of Peace and Democracy Platform. Some of the statements from the joint text are as follows:

“We refuse the government policies based on disaffirmation of the identity and culture of Alevis and Kurdish people, and try to assimilate native language of Kurds and disclaim their political rights, and also the isolation, imprisonment and destruction policies imposed to political representatives of Kurdish people.”

 We refuse male-dominant policies which attack women’s and LGBTI+s’ right to live and try to legalize violence and inequality.”

“Newroz is a struggle for obtaining peace, fraternity and equality which were long-awaited by disadvantaged groups. We urge you to struggle for peace against war, for freedom against AKP-MHP fascism and fight for bread against impoverish. It is time to act shoulder to shoulder, it is time to win…”

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