14/09/2020 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

The 174th Issue of the Kaos GL Magazine is out, and the subject of this issue is “Normativity”

“Normativity” issue of the Kaos GL Magazine is on the shelves Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The 174th issue of Kaos GL Magazine, which is being published since 1994, is now on the shelves with the subject of “Normativity”. This issue of the Kaos GL Magazine is discussing the norms with a multi-layered perspective that extends from our ways of activism and subjective truths of the movement to our patterns of action, from our ways of making politics to the LGBTI+ culture and out personal relations.

What’s on the Normativity Issue?

The 174th Issue of the Kaos GL Magazine discussed the question of “can we say that we have built a culture that is free from this notion, which has the power of identifying our acts as good or desirable; unwanted or unacceptable” with many activists and writers.

Many have contributed to the 174th Issue of the Kaos GL, in order to discuss normativity, tracing our bodies, sexualities, desires, party culture, social scenes, and political discourses. Biricik Seksüel, Hazal Sipahi, karoas+, Sevcan Tiftik, Umut Edem, Umut Güner, Yeşim Tuba Başaran, Yıldız Yar and Tanju Tariz are on the Subject Section, with their articles.

Cem Anılan, Özlem Ünlü, Serdar Soydan, Murathan Mungan, Hande Ortaç, Oğuzhan Uzun and Çağkan Kalkan have contributed to the Actual Pages with their interviews and articles.

You can access to the issue, which features the works of Hüseyin Özinal, and with the cover artwork of Özgür Can Taşçı; from bookstores or the website of the Notabene Publishing. Online subscribers can read the issue on the magazine website.

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