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Seçin Tuncel: Consulting activities of Kaos GL aims to strengthen LGBTIs.

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Seçin Tuncel: Consulting activities of Kaos GL aims to strengthen LGBTIs.

Kaos GL organized ‘Consultancy for LGBTIs’ training for Queer Cyprus Association located on Northern Cyprus on February 12. Upon the invitation of Queer Cyprus, Umut Güner and Seçin Tuncel from Kaos GL participated in the training. We interviewed with Seçin Tuncel about this activity.

Seçin Tuncel stated that Kaos GL's legal support and consultancy activities for LGBT are mostly concentrated in education, health, military, family and legal fields. Stating that the consultancy activities for LGBTIs are mostly carried out via phone and e-mail, Tuncel added that face-to-face interviews were also conducted rarely.

Consultancy in every field: Health, family, law, military

Stating that they check consultancy emails anonymously, Tuncel added that the consultancy activities of Kaos GL range from HIV consultancy, gender transition, military to hate speech and threats.

Tuncel also stated that they guide their clients in the fields such as mobbing LGBTIs faced in workplace, economic violence, forced to behave like heterosexuals, violence in the family and coming-out problems.

Within the scope of legal consultancy, she added that LGBTI refugees in Turkey were given consultancy for obstacles they encountered in accessing social and legal services.

Consulting to strengthen LGBTIs

Seçin Tuncel emphasized that they aim to strengthen LGBTIs who think they are alone and to make them feel that they do and will always exist in part of the society. 

The training organized by Queer Cyprus with the support of Sivil Büyü ended with questions and answers.

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun 

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