26/04/2019 | Writer: Yıldız Tar

After saying “You are a man, why do you dress like a woman?”, police attacked the transwoman with pepper gas and pounded her up.

Police attacked a transwoman in Mersin Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

After saying “You are a man, why do you dress like a woman?”, police attacked the transwoman with pepper gas and pounded her up.

Police pounded up transwoman Işıl in Mersin. While she was walking on the street to go to her home at night, police stopped her and asked her ID. After she showed them her ID, police said: “Are not you ashamed? You are a man, why do yo dress like a woman?”

When Işıl wanted to record this transphobic behavior of police, police officers attacked her with pepper gas and pounded her up.

Her statement was delayed

After pounding her up, police took her to police station. In the station, police did not have her testimony for long time. While police made her wait for long time arbitrarily, Işıl contacted with Mersin 7 Colors Association’s General Coordinator Yağmur Arıcan. Then, Arıcan came to the police station and told police officers that this is unlawful, so they have to take her statement as soon as possible.

After Arıcan involved in the situation, Işıl was sent to the hospital and took judicial medical report.

Later on, Işıl’s testimony was taken together with a lawyer. Police reported Işıl with regards to “insult” and “deforce” accusations. Prosecutor ruled to release her.

“Transwomen are resisting”

Mentioning systematic attacks towards transwomen, Yağmur Arıcan told about the situation to KaosGL.org:

“There is an isolation atmosphere here. Without any legal ground, transwomen are taken into custody arbitrarily even in front of their home. This is actually not an official custody, just an arbitrary detention. Transwomen are resisting against this. This was the last drop. Everyday we receive several news of violence and attacks.”

Place of hate crimes: Public places

According to Kaos GL’s 2017 Report of Hate Crimes based on Homophobia and Transphobia in Turkey, hate crimes were committed mostly in public places. Perpetrators are generally more than one person, and crime was committed in front of eyewitnesses.

2019 Hate Crime Report Survey has started!

Survey will be used to report human rights violations against lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans and intersex people in Turkey.

Data collected from the survey will be reported, and the results will be shared with national and international institutions. This reports will contribute to the efforts to develop a comprehensive hate crime legislation and policy.

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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