26/03/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

The police tried to prevent the rainbow flag from entering the Istanbul Convention protest in Antalya.

Police tried to block the rainbow flag during the İstanbul Convention protest in Antalya Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Photo: Kaktüs Haber

In Antalya, police tried to prevent the rainbow flag from entering the demonstration area during the İstanbul Convention protest held on March 20th.

The police attacked the rainbow flag and took it. After the flag was confiscated, the women held a sit-in until the flag is returned. The police kicked a woman in the meanwhile.

Following the police attack, a press release was issued by the Antalya Women's Platform in Attalos Square regarding the withdrawal from the İstanbul Convention.

Reading the press release on behalf of the Antalya Women's Platform, Devrim Mol, head of the Antalya Branch of the Office Workers' Union, stated that the İstanbul Convention was adopted by the parliament in accordance with Article 90 of the Constitution and is in fact a law.

"A de facto monarchy is created by ignoring the parliament formed by the will of the people, with these three to five-line decrees issued at midnight," said Mol, and continued:

"Immediately after March 8th, after we shouted that we will never give up the İstanbul Convention, we learned that the Istanbul Convention had been terminated by the Decree of the President at midnight. The important point that is overlooked is that this decree has no meaning before the law and in the eyes of women. As women, we are protesting with women's organizations in all cities today to support the İstanbul Convention, which is our life assurance against male-state violence."


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