23/06/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

Şişli District Governorate has banned the Pride Week picnic planned to be held on June 22 at Maçka Park. The District Governorate’s 30 days ban on the grounds of “public order” is being protested with the #PiknikYasaklanamaz (Picnic cannot be banned) campaign.

Şişli District Governorate bans LGBTI+s for 30 days! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The Pride Week picnic, which was relocated to Maçka Park in Şişli after being banned by the Adalar Police Department, banned again at Şişli!

The Pride Week Committee announced the District Governorate's ban on social media and called for solidarity:

"The 'authorities' of Şişli also envied the Adalar District and banned our picnic. Not limited with this, they banned all our activities for 30 days within Şişli borders. It's a giant park, we're going to sit down, eat, burst out laughs. We don't know what they forbid or how they forbid it. We're on the way to the park with our vegan food. We welcome everyone. Let's not be alone, let's hug."

Ban for 30 days!

The District Governorate of Şişli banned all kinds of activities that can be hold in the scope of Pride Week for 30 days, citing the “national security, public order, prevention of crime”. The decision was not declared publicly but the police officers handed written notification to the Pride Week Committee. The notification did not include the decision number. 

The police do not allow rainbow masks in the park!

The police started to blockade the park following the District Governorate’s decision. The law enforcement officers do not allow people with rainbow flags into the park and search the bags on the entry. 

The social media campaign against the ban

#PiknikYasaklanamaz (Picnic cannot be banned) campaign was launched on social media against the District Governorate’s arbitrary and discriminative ban. Thousands of social media users are raising their voices against the discriminative ban.

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