05/04/2021 | Writer: Kaos GL

The HMB Live event “Defying Hate with Pride” will be held online on Tuesday 13th April at 14.00 (Berlin) / 15.00 (Istanbul).

The HMB Live event: Defying Hate with Pride Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Hafiza Merkezi Berlin (HMB) organises the live event Defying Hate with Pride with Viktória Radványi (Budapest Pride) and Yıldız Tar (KaosGL) on the 13th April. 

You can watch the HMB Live event in Turkish and English.

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This event is part of the HMB Live: Local Struggles Transnational Strategies: Experiences from Hungary and Turkey series. The HMB Live event series aims to create a space for exchange to deepen the understanding of both contexts as well as to highlight the similar struggles of civil society actors in Hungary and Turkey.  

In this event, Hafiza Merkezi Berlin wants to highlight issues surrounding the recent attack on the LGBTI+ community, the implication that these attacks have on the work of the LGBTI+ civil society actors and organizations, potential threats to the safety of the individuals advocating for LGBTI+ rights and ways in which LGBTI+ civil society actors are strategizing and building networks with international allies


Viktória Radványi is an outreach coordinator and board member at Budapest Pride. She has been working at Budapest Pride since 2015. She is mostly responsible for online communication campaigns, network building on a national and international level, advocacy projects and grants. In the past 5 years she has worked in many areas Budapest Pride focuses on: the Budapest Pride March and the one-month long Budapest Pride Festival, organizing different community and cultural events and workshops, assembling panel discussions, and providing help for LGBTQ communities in the countryside.

Yıldız Tar is the Media and Communication Program Coordinator of Kaos GL Association. They work as chief-editor at KaosGL.org online newspaper. They are the author of following books: “Yoldaş Ben İbneyim: Solun LGBT ile İmtihanı” (Comrade I am Faggot), “Dönmelere Doyamadık”, “Translar Vardır” and “Patikalar: Resmi Tarihe Çentik” (Trails: Hacking the Official History).

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