05/01/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

It was annulled by a presidential decree, women and LGBTI+s filed an annulment action to Council of State, the appellate authority of the Council of State evaluated that “the withdrawal decision is in accordance with law”. Domestic remedies for the İstanbul Convention have not been exhausted.

The next step is Constitutional Court for the İstanbul Convention Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Plenary Session of Administrative Law Chambers (DİDDK), the appellate authority of Council of State, found the withdrawal decision from the İstanbul Convention, “in accordance with law”, yesterday. 

Following the withdrawal of Turkey from the İstanbul Convention with a presidential decree on March 20, women and LGBTI+s had brought the case before the Council of State and the Council of State had rejected the request for annulment with 3 to 2 votes, on July 19.

With the verdict ruled by DIDDK yesterday, Turkey officially withdrew from the İstanbul Convention.

No one should expect us to recognize the verdict or to give up on the İstanbul Convention!”

Following the verdict, Women’s Platform for Equality (WPA / EŞİK) drew attention that the President, who cancelled the İstanbul Convention, extended the incumbency of the members of DIDDK, while the cases were going on.

WPA also remarked that they would apply to the Constitutional Court for the İstanbul Convention: “Our request, about hearing the three experts who signed the UN Expert Opinion, which issued a call for Turkey to return to the İstanbul Convention and for Council of State to clear the way for it to happen, was disregarded.

Turkey may not be a party however the ratification law no. 6251, and accordingly the İstanbul Convention, is still in force. In addition we have not exhausted domestic remedies yet. Next step is the Constitutional Court.

No one should expect us to recognize the verdict or to give up on the İstanbul Convention.”

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