06/11/2020 | Writer: Kaos GL

It is the first report in Turkey that focuses on the human rights of LGBTI+ persons living with HIV.

“The Report on the Human Rights of LGBTI+ Persons Living With HIV” is out! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL and 17 May Association, published “The Report on the Human Rights of LGBTI+ Persons Living With HIV”. The report prepared by Defne Güzel, with the addition of legal analysis by Attorney Kerem Dikmen, consists of in-depth interviews with LGBTI+ persons living with HIV. The report was translated into English by Özge Gökpınar.

The report is the first report in Turkey that makes human rights violations targeting LGBTI+ persons living with HIV a current issue.


Defne Güzel, summarizes the report in the foreword as:

“However, HIV phobia has not changed unfortunately. Prejudices against those living with HIV persist. While HIV was a health crisis in the 80s, today it is a social crisis for those living with HIV. Those living with HIV cannot come out, they are dismissed from their workplaces, are targeted, exposed, isolated, forced into ghettos. HIV-related stigma manifests itself differently exposing those living with HIV to violence, suicide, and death.

“In this qualitative report, you will read the problems, requests, needs and stories of LGBTI+ people living with HIV as well as how their rights are violated. During this study, we heard from the participants frequently that “It was also very good for me to review my own story and evaluate whence I came”. This means a lot. Despite all the pressure and persecution, persons living with HIV drag themselves up by their own bootstraps. HIV+ persons are coming out of the closet, they organize, grow together, become stronger, claim equality. They initiate a movement in which they embellish the literature by adding their own stories while centering of the subjects in it.”

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