25/08/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

A trans woman, who was subjected to an assault by a couple in İstanbul was referred to as “a female-looking male person” in the police report.

Transphobic assault in the police report: “Female-looking male person!” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

A male-female couple attacked two trans women in İstanbul on Tuesday 22 August. Siren, who was beaten and harassed told KaosGL.org about the assault.

Stating that two attackers were making fun of her friend and herself because of their gender identity and then they beat her up, Siren recounted the incident as follows:

“I and my friend were waiting for the ferry at the Beşiktaş Pier in Kadıköy. We noticed that a couple standing close to us were looking at us, mocking and laughing. In response to this harassment, I said ‘You are gross’. Then the woman said ‘Change your gender, you need an aesthetic’ looking at me, and a verbal altercation started between us. As soon as I realized that they were going to physically attack me, I turned on the camera on my phone and tried to record it. Then the man put me on a bench and started beating me. Meanwhile my friend, recorded the footage of me being beaten. This time the man stopped beating me and walked up to my friend, shouting ‘you cannot abuse my private life’… I was picked up by a security guard and taken into a room. This time the female attacker tried to break in the room and spat in my face. Then we went to the police station and gave statement to the police. I filed a complaint against them and they filed a complaint against me. I was both beaten physically and psychologically exhausted, and I will take legal action against the transphobic attackers.” 

Transphobia in the crime scene report!

Speaking about the crime scene report Siren said: “The security guard, who saw me being beaten and took me into a room after stopping the violence, described me in the crime scene report as a ‘female-looking male person’ and claimed that I was guilty. I learned that the male attacker was an undercover police officer. This may be the reason for this statement.”

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