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On the Day of Remembrance for Transgender Victims of Hate Crimes, someone attempted to kidnap a trans woman, who was then beaten with a crowbar.

Transphobic attack on The Day of Remembrance for Transgender Victims of Hate Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

On the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Transgender Hate Crimes, someone attempted to kidnap a trans woman then beaten with a crowbar.

On the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Transgender Hate Crimes on November 20 in Istanbul a trans woman was attacked. November 20 at around 3 o’clock on Şişli’s Halaskargazi Street trans woman Adriana was beaten with a crowbar.

The transphobic attacker forcibly took Adriana into his vehicle. While the door was partially-open, Adriana was dragged in the street. After Adriana saved herself by pulling handbrake, the attacker began to beat her with a crowbar.

Adriana, whose life was saved with the help of the other trans women in the vicinity, was taken to Şişli Pediatric, Training and Research Hospital. Adriana, who spent the night in the hospital and had eight stitches put in her head, was released in the afternoon of November 20.

The attacker, who was arrested and then was taken at the police station released after his statement , will be pending trial.

Istanbul LGBTT will be following the case proceedings

In the wake of the attack, lawyer Metehan Arısoy will be following the judicial proceedings on behalf of the Istanbul LGBTT Solidarity Association.

Ebru Kırancı, a trans activist from an organization which recently started a new project in order to provide 24/7 legal support to the trans victims of hate crimes, said this to KaosGL.org following the attack November 20 attack:

“Transphobic hate crimes are on the rise and we think that they will continue to rise. The government’s open targeting of us and hate speech show that more difficult times wait for for us in the days ahead. But we wıll continue the fight.

“We launched the Open Society Foundation in order to solve the issue of lawyers and legal support in the aftermath transphobic hate crimes. Day and night, there will be two lawyers to be support trans woman. After transphobic hate crimes such as this, we are planning to intertwine both solidarity and the judicial process. Together with the “We Need a Law” campaign, the “Trans*X” and “Trans*But” documentary films along with this recent development, we are trying to respond to one of the important needs of the trans community.”

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Translated by Daniel Metz

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