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Today we will share the working areas of the Media and Communication Program with kaosGL.org readers.

What does the Kaos GL Media and Communication Program do? Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

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The Kaos GL Association, which celebrates its age of 25, publishes the activities of its programs that create areas of work and struggle. Today we will share the working areas of the Media and Communication Program with kaosGL.org readers.

Through its activities, Kaos GL Media and Communication Program aims to provide LGBTI+ representation in the media, to transform the discriminatory language of the media, to monitor and report discriminatory discourse and hate speech in media and social media, to strengthen LGBTI+ publishings, to create the basis for LGBTI+'s to tell their own stories, and to raise awareness through social media actions.

The program also creates and implements the communication strategy of the Kaos GL Association and carries out the communication of the association with the press. It organizes capacity building trainings and provides consultancy to other LGBTI+ organizations, within the scope of the program. The program's work fields include archives, memory, and oral history.

The program carries out its work under 8 topics:

KaosGL.org internet newspaper

KaosGL.org; is an internet newspaper that provides daily newscast as part of the Kaos GL Association's struggle to improve LGBTI+ rights. It is guided by rights-oriented journalism principles. It has been publishing for more than a decade, focused on LGBTI+ rights.

Publication policy

*KaosGL.org; Conducts LGBTI+ rights-oriented journalism. It avoids violating fundamental rights and freedoms and adopts a publication policy that strengthens access to rights.

*Does not publish news contrary to human, environmental and animal rights. It follows international human rights conventions.

*Conveys news without distortion and censorship.

*Does not allow manipulation of news, interviews, speeches, and quotations from statements.

*The persons mentioned in the article are not presented as stereotypes, statements that judge them are excluded, statements that include insult beyond the limits of criticism are not used.


*The news does not contain any statement that stigmatize, condemn, and degrade the race, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, genre, age, appearance, disability status, health, political opinion, belief, lifestyle, economic and social level. This principle is a very clear one and is updated in accordance with the areas of discrimination.

*KaosGL.org refers to the sources in the news.

*News sources with information and documents provided with the condition of not to be disclosed are not disclosed unless the source itself allows it. KaosGL.org respects the right to privacy.

*KaosGL.org reporters try to get the opinion of all parties of the case when needed. If one of the parties refrains from giving an opinion, it shares this with its readers.

*It does not publish the information without investigating or validating its accuracy. It strives to verify the allegations of violence and infringement. Publishes as a claim at the point it can't verify.

*KaosGL.org aims to strengthen LGBTI+ journalists, journalist candidates, and young reporters. It cooperates in this direction.

*KaosGL.org; takes into account the opinions, suggestions, comments, and criticisms of its readers regarding publication principles and  practice. It encourages readers to convey their opinions through web@kaosgl.org. It discusses opinions, suggestions, and criticisms on the editorial board and then returns to its readers.  It strives to build the publishing practice with its readers.

Publication process

By saving the article you wrote as a Word document; you can send it to web@kaosgl.org with the image you want to be published. From the time your article reaches us, our editors will return within 3 working days. They will inform you if the return time is extended.

Your article goes through our editorial team's reading after you reach us. Our editors assess whether your article is newsworthy and whether it complies with KaosGL.org’s editorial principles. If your article is newsworthy for Kaos GL and complies with the publishing principles, we will contact you to open an author profile and publish your article. If your article has an expression that does not conform to our editorial policies or is able to be published with minor changes, we ask you to make these changes.

Media Schools

The Media School, organized by Kaos GL Association, is a program of workshops planned in various thematic literary fields. The participants discuss the construction and ethics of the process from the will to write to the publication, in the workshops where they are interactively involved. News writing techniques, creative writing, and video activism are the main topics of the program.

The Media School program aims to encourage LGBTI+'s to write and to increase anti-discrimination media by bringing together kaosGL.org volunteer reporters and writers. From the production of the news to the diversification of creative writing, the idea is that "anyone can write" in the workshops held cumulatively in different fields.

The Media School program is organized annually by the Kaos GL Association in various selected cities and open to local participation.

LGBTI+'s, activists, writers, reporters, illustrators, and photographers can participate in the Media School program.

Volunteering to monitor the LGBTI+ agenda and events in the city of residence and write news about them to kaosGL.org is enough to attend the school. We expect people who attend the Media School to produce at least 3 content per month to KaosGL.org. We won't turn you away if you write or draw more than that.

Participants in the program then create a work schedule by joining the Kaos GL Voluntary Correspondent Network. Together with the media and communication program, it organizes trainings in specific areas (e.g. litigation monitoring, Oral History). As a result of these trainings, small work teams of the Correspondent Network are formed.

Media Monitoring

As Kaos GL Association, we have been monitoring the media coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) since 2009. With the media monitoring reports we publish every year, we try to draw attention to discriminatory discourse, hate speech, hate crime and prejudice in the media and monitor the course of the media.

Our media monitoring at Kaos GL consists of three pillars. As part of our year-long research, we examine news and articles scanned from the keywords we have identified. Texts in both print and digital media are included in our research.

In the first phase of the research, we publish review articles on the texts we choose weekly at kaosGL.org. In the second phase, we focus on hate speech on social media and the internet and publish monthly reports and weekly analysis articles. In the third phase of the research, we classify the news that is filtered daily according to our scale. In our scaling process, we evaluate the texts within the scope of rights journalism as well as technical features such as title, newspaper, page, subject of the text, type of text (news, interview or column). We publish the results of this year-long study in the Media Monitoring Report. At the end of the year, all of these studies constitute the Media Monitoring Report and the report provides a comprehensive framework for LGBTI+ representation in the internet and print media.

Digital Security

Kaos GL Media and Communication Program creates and implements strategy documents for the security of the association's digital presence, archive and work. In addition to the digital security of the KaosGL.org internet newspaper, the association takes the steps it deems necessary for the digital security of its employees and follows the implementation of digital security rules. Kaos GL provides capacity building training for its employees in areas such as data security, protection of victim information, and digitization. It also shares these trainings with other LGBTI+ organizations as needed.

Kaos GL Association's representation in the media

The Media and Communication Program strives to make the activities of the Kaos GL Association visible in the media. It maintains communication between the work fields of the association and the media. It prepares the association's press releases and writes press releases on relevant fields and topics. It reports the activities of the Association.

Oral history study

Conducts oral history studies with LGBTI people in Turkey. It publishes outcomes of these works in video, article and book formats. It focuses on the history of the LGBTI+ movement through the oral history method and contributes to the memory of this movement.


It is responsible for the classification, publication, and security of the printed and digital archive of the association. It keeps the archive up to date and assorted.

The Cartoon School

The Cartoon School, which is part of our 2020 program, will bring humor together with drawing, will turn the cartoon, which is under heterosexual and bi-gender hegemony, upside down; and on the other hand will bring LGBTI+ activists a new space.

Another achievement targeted by this series of workshops is to create a visual bank where the works produced in the workshops can be collected for the continuous visual needs of kaosGL.org and Kaos GL Magazine.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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