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In the lawsuit of Syrian gay refugee Wisam Sankari murder, the suspect (B.A.) confessed the murder.

Wisam Sankari’s murderer confessed! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

In the lawsuit of Syrian gay refugee Wisam Sankari murder, the suspect (B.A.) confessed the murder. While B.A. defended himself that it was a self defense, his ex-boyfriend said: “He was threatening me as well. He is such a person you should be afraid of.”

Wisam Sankari’s lawsuit on his murder in Istanbul last year is now on the decision stage.

The murder came to the light by being published as a news in KaosGL.org. The suspect of the murder was caught by the police last year. 

The Syrian gey refugee Muhammed Wisam Sankari went out from his home in Aksaray on 23 July and found death in Istanbul Yenikapı on 25 July. His head was cut and his body became unrecognizable when he was found. Wisam had been threatened again before, kidnapped by a group of men and raped after all.

You can read the article on murdering of Wisam Sankari here.

Suspect was caught last year

Lawyer Fırat Söyle informed KaosGL.org about the legal process. After Istanbul Police Department Homicide Bureau started to investigate the case, it is stated that B.A. was caught by police on 22 August in Bursa where he escaped after the incident.

The judicial ground is “murdering with a monsterous feeling”

After his capture, B.A. was brought back to Istanbul and arrested. In the murder case tried in 19th High Criminal Court, it is written that B.A. was judged for ‘aggravated life imprisonment’ on the grounds that is “killing with a monterous feeling and torment”.

Crime scene investigation in the indictment and the reports of the Forensic Medicine Institute indicate that Sankari was killed by numerous piercing / cutting tools, tried to be burried a small pit full of blood.

During the investigation, the suspect B.A.'s ex-boyfriend A.K. said: "we were ex-lovers, and he was constantly beating me because I did not want sexual intercourse."

Suspect accepted the accusations

Suspect B.A. said in the first trial in 24th November 2016:

“We met via Facevbook, and met two times in Taksim. In the second meeting, he said that he wanted to have sex with me. I accepted, then we drunk alcohol and had sex in a hotel in Taksim. One month after the intercourse, his friend called me and told that Wisam was diagnosed with AIDS.”

Then B.A. accepted that he murdered Sankari:

“I asked him ‘Are you really diagnosed with AIDS?’ and he answered ‘Yes’. When he said that I got angry” he said and he confessed that he killed Sankari by crushing his head by a stone. After he crushed the head, he stabbed Sankari many times as well.

B.A.’s ex-boyfriend: He was threatening me as well 

His ex-boyfriend A.K. said:

“He was my ex-boyfriend. We were together one month. We did not have sexual intercourse, because of that he was beating me regularly. He threatened me with a knife. He is such a person you should be scared. After that sometimes he continued to threaten me also.”

On the other hand, according to the HIV test made by Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital B.A.’s blood test was negative.

The next trial is tomorrow (12 September 2017) in 19th High Criminal Court.

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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