12/10/2022 | Writer: Selma Koçak

“We shout in front of LCW, the opponent of workers, women and LGBTI+s, in company with rainbow colors: Despite the hate, long live life.”

Women’s Defense Network protested LCW Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Women’s Defense Network protested LC Waikiki due to banning rainbow colors in İzmir. Gathering in front of the Karşıyaka Çarşı branch of the company, protestors painted the entrance of the store in rainbow colors, on October 8.

The women, forming rainbow colors with their clothes as well clamored against LCW: “We shout in front of LCW, the opponent of workers, women and LGBTI+s, in company with rainbow colors: Despite hate, long live life.” 

According to the news of Cihan Başakçıoğlu, reporter of Gazete Duvar, Gizem Coşkun, from Women’s Defense Network said: “We, as women, struggle for freedom and equality in Turkey and all around the world. We are here as women and LGBTI+s. We exist in every division in life with our all colors. We are here with our all colors against those who ignore our elbow grease and disregard LGBTI+s. LCW banned rainbow colors and Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank congratulated LCW. We , as women, protest against it. We are here against your racism, discrimination and inequality. You are not able to take the purple from the rainbow. We will not give up our fight.”

What had happened?

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank targeted LGBTI+s within the scope of his speech made at the opening ceremony of LC Waikiki Yalova Logistic Center.

Varank’s hate-spreading statement is as follows:

“(LC Waikiki) is a company, which serves a model for everybody with its works. I have just read a news on the way here. If they had really done it, if the news coverage is true I want to thank all of them. (The management) of the company had sent an e-mail to the employees and had indicated: ‘Please don’t use any signs in a way that can create LGBTI+ perception for your products. Don’t produce anything related to them. Since we have considerations and responsibilities.’ I appreciate LC Waikiki and thank them for taking initiative in a period when there is an LGBT and genderlessness imposition all over the world. With all due respect, do whatever you want but if you impose genderlessness and go on knock the legs out from under the family conception, we don’t lap it up and take a stand against it. I believe that these kind companies will increase. We will continue to defend family if god allows.”

Varank had also targeted the reactions against Gülşen’s arrest. And Yeni Akit, had popularized Varank’s statement entitling: “Legendary answer to the horny minority who stand by the ‘pervert’! A statement regarding Gülşen from Minister Varank: The bootlicking person who insulted İmam Hatip students was also treated the same way.”

"In June and July, rainbow, unicorn, rainbow+unicorn themes should not be used in a way that can create LGBT perception", textile company LCW said in an e-mail to its employees.

According to the article in SolGazete, the company said, "themes that can create an LGBT perception must be avoided" in the e-mail sent by LC Waikiki administration to a group of employees.

Additionally, the company's management wrote in the e-mail that "the number of colors used in the rainbows must be decreased and the color shades used in the rainbows must be differentiated from their originals".

Also, a folder titled "LGBT symbols" was attached to the e-mail. This folder contains global symbols of the LGBTI+ movement.

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