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You are invited to “Municipalities and LGBTI+ Rights: Examples from South and Central America” panel Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL Association is launching online events to promote good examples of LGBTI+ rights in local governments and to make local and global studies visible in this field!

The first event will be held on Friday, May 28 at 20.00 Istanbul time with the title "Municipalities and LGBTI+ Rights: Examples from South and Central America". At the event, where there will be simultaneous translation, the independent advisor of the United Nations (UN), Esteban Paulon, will speak.

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Best practices from Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico will be spoken

Esteban Paulon, former president of the Argentine LGBT Federation and former undersecretary of the Santa Fe regional administration for Sexual Diversity Policies, founded the "Sexual Diversity Area" in the Municipality of Rosario in Argentina in 2007. This unit was one of the first units working for LGBTI+ rights in local governments in South America.

Paulon, who continues their work as an independent consultant on trans rights in South America within the UN, will talk about the following issues in their speech:

* The importance of sexual diversity policies in local governments

* How can we improve local LGBT public policies?

* Good examples from Rosario-Argentina, Bogotá-Colombia, Montevideo-Uruguay and México-Mexico

Simultaneous translation will be in Turkish and English at the event to be held on Zoom. The event will be simultaneously broadcast in English on Kaos GL's Youtube channel. In the following days, Turkish subtitles will be added to the recording on Youtube.

About the Enhancing Advocacy Frontline for Equality project

Enhancing Advocacy Frontline for Equality project, run by the Kaos GL Association, has five areas: law, mental health, local government, education and social service. The association will organize webinars and talks with many guests in these five areas. In addition, within the scope of this project, it is aimed to provide resources for the literature on these areas.

*This activity is a part of the Enhancing Advocacy Frontline for Equality project, which is supported by the European Union. This doesn't mean that the content of the activity reflects the official views of the European Union.

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