16/06/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

The “Social Work with LGBTQI’s: Professional Responsibility” webinar, where Dr. Nick. J. Mulé of York University will make a presentation, is on June 17. Don’t forget to register!

You are invited to the “Social Work with LGBTQI’s: Professional Responsibility” webinar! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The first guest of the social work event series in the scope of Kaos GL’s Enhancing Advocacy Frontline for Equality Project is Dr. Nick. J. Mulé. An associate professor in the School of Social Work at York University, Mulé is also the founder of Queer Ontario. The event will be held at 20:00 on June 17.

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What will be discussed at the event?

At the event, which will take place on June 17 at 20:00., Nick will present on the following topics:

*The ethical and professional responsibility of the social work profession towards LGBTQI’s

*The importance of social justice work within social work

*Means of addressing LGBTQI issues within a social justice framework

*How to pursue LGBTQI social justice work in a repressive environment

Who is Dr. Nick. J. Mulé?

Nick J. Mulé, PhD is an associate professor in the School of Social Work, cross appointed to the Faculty of Health and the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies where he is currently serving as Coordinator of the Sexuality Studies Program at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His research interests include the social inclusion/exclusion of LGBTQI populations in social policy and service provision and the degree of their recognition as distinct communities in cultural, systemic, and structural contexts. He also engages in critical analysis of the LGBTQI movement and the development of queer liberation theory. He has co-edited LGBTQ People and Social Work: Intersectional Perspectives (2015); Queering Social Work Education (2016); The Shifting Terrain: Nonprofit Policy Advocacy in Canada (2017) and Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights: (Neo)colonialism, Neoliberalism, Resistance and Hope (2018); and directed, wrote and executive produced the feature documentary “QueerEdge: From Gay to Queer Liberation” (2019). A queer activist for many years, Nick is the founder, past chairperson, secretary, and currently member at large of Queer Ontario. In addition, he is a psychotherapist in private practice serving LGBTQI populations in Toronto.

*This activity is a part of the Enhancing Advocacy Frontline for Equality project, which is supported by the European Union. This doesn't mean that the content of the activity reflects the official views of the European Union.

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