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Main programme will start on 20th May: Desire challenges the world!

11th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting: Desire challenges the world! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The program for the Kaos GL Association’s 11th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting started with Civil Society and Local Administrations Forum for LGBTI Equality. Main programme will start on 20th May: Desire challenges the world!

                                             Photo Credit: Sevra Nihal Unal

May 17th, the day homosexuality was removed from the classification “illness”, has come to be celebrated since 2004 as the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

In dedication to the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), May 17, Kaos GL has been coordinating the “Anti-Homophobia Meeting” since 2006.

Starting event: Civil Society and Local Administrations Forum for LGBTI Equality

The 11th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting started in Ankara on May 17 and will end at 22th. This year “Anti-Homophobia Meeting”s first event was the Civil Society and Local Administrations Forum for LGBTI Equality. Dutch Ambassador Cornelis van Rij, Murat Koylu from Kaos GL, Elif Avci from Istanbul Sisli Municipality Equality Committee, Juul van Hoof from Rainbow Cities Network, Sedef Cakmak from Istanbul Besiktas Municipality, Sebahat Genctarih Cebe from Mersin Akdeniz Municipality, Ezgi Kocak from KaDER, Ikbal Polat from Istanbul Kadikoy Municipality, Dide Tayfur from Ankara Cankaya Municipality, Nuray Ergunes From Istanbul University, Tuna Sahin from Mersin Akdeniz Municipality, Hakan Ozkan from Kaos GL, IGLYO Board Member Joshua McCormick, Erdem Gursu from İzmir Black Pink Triangle and Ilja de Jong from COC Zwolle talked at the forum.

Media School

The Anti-Homophobia Meeting will continue with the Media School and the main programme. Media School will host several reporters of KaosGL.org and there will be workshops on interview techniques, digital security and mobile photograhpy.

Main programme: Desire challenges the world!

Meeting’s main programme will focus on “desire”:

“Desire is an event against persons, identities and norms. It is process rather than structures. It is a heterogeneous flow that operates through bodies. As long as a body maintains desiring against the movement of internal and external forces that impose norms by organizing and regulating it, and it draws a line of flight from these captures that try to stabilize it, it stays alive. For this reason, desire as a process does not describe an identical body but gives us an intuition about what a body is about to become or what it will be.

“As long as the body desires, it manifests its own active power against the organizing forces that are intertwined with social structures, surrounded by this structures, empowered by judicial privileges, impregnated to heteronormative organizations and tamed by the forms of institutionalisation that draws a line excluding the continuity of its power to desire. All kinds of politics and institutional structures which do not concern about our bodily desires and the tendencies satisfying these desires but aim to reform and so keep under control them are condemned to be the target of our criticisms. The flows of desires cannot be fixed under the auspices of the privileged few.

“By these concerns, within the context of “International Meeting Against Homofobia”, we call you to discuss the possibilities of a queer reading in the context of the desire production of bodies, social movements and institutional actions.”

The full program of the 11th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting, “Desire challenges the world! A Plateau Named Desire: Against the Dominance in Institutions, Civil Society and Philosophy” is as follows:


Ankara Holiday Inn Hotel


16:00 – 17:30

Workshop: Desiring the Opression

Ekrem Duzen

18:00- 20:00

Desire Politics of Social Movements and Institutions

Moderator: Aylime Asli Demir


Aksu Bora

Selçuk Candansayar

Serhat Celal Birdal

Melek Göregenli


Opening Speech:


Annamarie Jagose : Queering the Desire


Queer Ethics of Freak

Speaker: Patricia Maccormack

Moderator: Ahmet Murat Aytaç

16:30- 18:00

Clinical and Critical Deviance

Speaker: Zafer Aracagök

Moderator: Ayşe Uslu

18:15- 19:00

The Award Ceremony of 11th Women to Women Story Contest


Party: Mz Sunday Luv – Dj Lilith

Parya, Olgunlar Street 18/A


16:00 – 19:00

LGBTI Soccer Tournament

Dikmen Stadium

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