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September 9, 2009
Bianet News

Yildiz's father could not be caught yet. He claimed to have killed his own son because of his being homosexual. Darama, who got injured in the course of the incident, was admitted to case. Lambda's request to join the case was denied. The witness claimed he had been threatened.

Ahmet Yildiz, student at the Department of Physics at Marmara University, was shot dead in Uskudar (a district of Istanbul on the Anatolian side) on 15 July 2008.

The first hearing of the Ahmet Yidiz case took place in Istanbul at the Uskudar Courthouse 1st High Criminal Court yesterday (8 September). It was the hearing of Yahya Yildiz, the victim's father, who is alleged to have killed his son because he was homosexual. In absentia, Yildiz is under charge of buying unlicensed firearms with ammunition, carrying and possessing them, premeditatedly killing of people and killing and injuring close relatives.

The court accepted witness Ummuhan Darama's request to join the case. Firat Soyle, assigned council for Ahmet Yildiz, turned down an intervener request brought forward by the Turkish LGBT organization Lambdaistanbul by claiming that the organization itself was not negatively affected by the crime. The second hearing of the case is scheduled for 23 December.

Joint plaintiff Darama threatened on the phone

In yesterday's hearing Darama testified that he was close to the site of crime at the time of the incident, sitting in front of his coffee shop 'Tuana Cafe'. When he heard gunshots he escaped to the inside. Only after going inside Darama realized that he was injured. When he looked back he saw a black Mercedes and a yellow cab, but he was not able to see who fired the gunshots.

Talking to bianet after the hearing Darama said that considering his involvement into the court case he had been warned and threatened on the phone in order not to get involved. After the murder Darama's caf
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