24/08/2006 | Writer: KAOS GL

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The Attorney Generalship of Ankara had banned Kaos GL gay and lesbian solidarity foundation's publication issue on pornography. The First Instance Criminal Court rejected their appeal. The Foundation is preparing to carry the case to the ECHR.

Ankara First Instance Criminal Court held with the decision to ban the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Studies and Solidarity Foundation's publication Kaos GL issue 28.

The court rejected the appeal to release the publication and declared that the decision is lawful and complies with the procedural proceedings.

The Foundation decided to carry the case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

"Public morality"

Ankara Attorney Generalship, Division on Press Offences had called upon the court on July 24th to publicly ban the issue 28 of Kaos GL.

The court then ruled that the issue is "contradictory with the public morality" and should be collected from the vendors.

Dossier on the idea of pornography

The issue subjected to the ban included a dossier on pornography and its relation to homosexuality.

Prominent academics, writers and artists such as Ahmet Tulgar, Fatih Ozguven, Hasan Bulent Kahraman and Bikem Ekberzade were featured in the issue.
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