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Bianet News
February 8, 2010

Lawyer Doganoglu and bianet journalist Cakir received the "Award for Struggle against Hate Crimes" awarded by the Black Pink Triangle LGBTT organization in Izmir on behalf of murdered journalist Baki Kosar.

This year's "Award for Struggle against Hate Crimes" issued by the Black Pink Triangle LGBTT organization went to lawyer Senem Doganoglu in the branch of law and to bianet journalist Bawer Cakir in the branch of press. The award is dedicated to murdered journalist Baki Kosar.

Doganoglu was rewarded for her legal counselling in cases related to attacks, homicide and violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestite and transsexuals (LGBTT). Çak¹r received the award for his contribution by publishing news regarding violence against LGBTT and thus bringing such incidents to public attention.

"We strive to reveal discrimination"

The second award ceremony was held in the evening of the first day of the Baki Kosar Struggle against Hate Crimes organization on 6 February in the Goethe Institute - German Culture Centre in Izmir.

The ceremony was also attended by lawyer Erdal Dogan and German Ambassador Stefan Schneider. Lawyer and prize winner Doganoglu pronounced, "I am not the only one in the struggle against discrimination experienced by LGBTT individuals. Together with lawyers Elif Ceylan Ozsoy and F¹rat Soyle we took important steps in respect to disclose discrimination and punish the ones to be held responsible".

Doganoglu was handed the prize by sculptor Ali Ozsan who designed the award.
Lawyer Doganoglu lives in Ankara and provides legal advice to the LGBTT Rights Platform established by the Turkish LGBTT organizations.

Cakir dedicated his award to murdered LGBTT individuals

Journalist Cakir said in his speech, "I am very happy to able to contribute to the struggle against discrimination, homophobia and transphobia with the news items I wrote". Cakir expressed his gratitude to everybody who put effort into this struggle coming forth like a Sisyphean task.

Bawer Cakir dedicated his award to Ahmet Yildiz, Dilek Ince, Melek K. And Cagla who were all killed throughout the last two years.

The bianet journalist was given the award by artist Serpil Odabasi who opened her exhibition "Murder of Religious Order" shown in the same hall on the very occasion.
Journalist Cakir works for bianet and is member of the Kaos GL magazine editorial board. Moreover, Çak¹r presents the radio program "Semsi Pasha Passage" on Ozgur Radio every Tuesday night together with Semra Celebi.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Stefan Schneider said that the Turkish LGBTT struggle will soon achieve significant gains. He also assured his further support regarding the current closure case against the Pink Black Triangle Association.

The award was presented for the first time last year. It was given to transsexual Melisa who was shot by the police and to the Pink Life LGBTT Association in Ankara.

After medical treatment Melisa opened a lawsuit against the police officers. Pink Life carried out legal struggles related to violence against and murder of transsexuals in particular and organized a large number of corresponding events and campaigns.

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