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Sabah Newspaper
January 26, 2010

A Turkish woman, alleging that her husband is gay, applied to the court for a divorce and received reparations, daily Sabah reported Monday.

The court ordered the husband to pay material damages of 50,000 Turkish Liras, spiritual damages of 20,000 liras and 500 liras a month in alimony. The woman, who was identified as G.A. in the daily's story, went abroad for her career and brought along her husband, E.A. While G.A was both studying and working, her husband spent all of his time on the computer, as he could not find a job. The woman one day came home early and found the computer turned on and her husband was not there. She saw some messages sent by her husband to his male childhood friend, reading, "I missed your smell; I'm sleeping with your sweater." The woman was shocked. Meanwhile, she learnt from her close friends that E.A was going to gay bars.

After returning to Turkey, she realized that her husband had met his boyfriend a lot and she decided to meet the wife of A.S, who is her husband's childhood friend. G.A. mentioned that she had doubts whether their husbands were gay. After the two women found e-mails, MSN conversations and photographs belonging to their husbands, G.A sued for divorce.

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