19/09/2005 | Writer: KAOS GL

Kaos GL, which has been an active LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) organization since 1994, applied to Interior Ministry on July 15, 2005 in order to gain a legal NGO (non-governmental organization) status. Interior Ministry approved the petition and forwarded it to its local branch in Ankara which functions under the Governor of Ankara.

However Governor of Ankara issued a statement on September 15, 2005 rejecting the petition. The statement is as follows:

To the founders of Kaos GL Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Organization,

After reviewing the filing for "Kaos GL Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Organization" which was founded at G.M.K. Bulvari No:29/12 Demirtepe-Cankaya, Ankara:

Article 56 of 4721 Civil Code forbids "Establishing any organization that is against the laws and morality rules". It was found that the name and the regulations of the below-mentioned organization are against the mentioned article.

Because of the breach of Article 56 of 4721 Civil Code, it was decided to file a lawsuit to the Principal Registry in order to close the aforementioned organization and therefore I am requesting information from you regarding this issue.

On behalf of the Governor of Ankara, Selahattin Ekremoglu
Tags: human rights