26/06/2021 | Writer: Kaos GL

LGBTI+s resisted police violence to Pride March at every corner of Taksim, İstanbul: We are more queer, more immoral, more lacy, more organized than they think. We keep resisting on the streets.

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Photo: Cihangir, Meydan Gazetesi

The LGBTI+ Pride March surpassed the Beyoğlu District Governor's ban and police violence, and the slogan: “We wont shut up, we are not afraid, we do not obey”, was raised in the streets of Beyoğlu. A call was made to meet in Taksim today (26 June) at 17.00 for the 19th LGBTI+ Pride March. This week's march started with the threat of the Adalar Police's on the Pride Week picnic, the 30-day event ban by the Şişli District Governorate, the picnic ban on LGBTI+ in Maçka, and the march which was accompanied by police violence was subsequently banned as well. The Beyoğlu District Governorate banned the Pride March on the pretext that "it may be contrary to the principle and indivisible integrity of the state, the constitutional order, general health and morals, or to protect the rights and freedoms of others and to prevent crime".

Attack in Mis street before the march begins!


Photo: Hacı Bişkin / Gazete Duvar 

Even before the march could begin, at 15.00, the police attacked LGBTI+ people in Mis street. Using the ban as an excuse, the police attacked LGBTI+ people waiting on the street with shields and rubber bullets. They beat many people in the middle of the street. The LGBTI+ Pride Week Committee and lawyers asked to meet with the police, which, however, the police refused. During the attack more than 20 people were detained and images of torture of LGBTI+ people in the middle of the street were reflected in the media. LGBTI+ people responded to the police attack with the slogan: "We are not silent, we are not afraid, we do not obey". Among the many people detained by the police were LGBTI+ Pride Week Committee volunteers and journalist Bülent Kılıç. One person suffered injuries in the face from police attack. The police detained them, although they were injured. The police also attacked the dispersing crowd. The police also forcibly closed the gastronomy and other shops in Mis Sokak.


Photo: Hacı Bişkin / Gazete Duvar 

Odakule: Love, love, freedom, begone hatred!

LGBTI+ people then marched on to Odakule with the slogan: "Love, love, freedom, begone hatred!". While the press release was being read in Odakule, the police attacked again. Activists then read the statement on foot.

Walking from Tünel to Cihangir!


Photo: Tünel, Tuğçe Yılmaz 

At 16.15, LGBTI+ people gathered in Tünel. They read the press release with the slogan: "Transphobic state, of course we will overthrow it". Then they kept walking. The LGBTI+ Pride March overcame all the police pressure and reached Cihangir. There, thousands of people read the press release in Cihangir with the slogans: "Don't be silent, shout, there are non-binary people", "Don’t shut up, be loud, there are trans people", "We are not silent, we are not afraid, we do not obey".

Gülüm and Kadıgil also participated

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Istanbul Deputy Züleyha Gülüm and Turkey Workers Party (TIP) Istanbul Deputy Sera Kadıgil also joined the statement.

Police attack Cezayir Street


LGBTI+s came together at Cezayir Street to enjoy after the demonstrations. Thousands celebrated the LGBTI+ resistance with slogans and dances at the Pride. Police also attacked the LGBTI+s with rubber bullets and tear gas. LGBTI+s cried “Police get out of the streets, the streets are ours” against the police attack. Many people were affected by the gas bomb attack. The police also attacked the lawyers. Several injured in the attack.


Pot pan protest!


The shopkeepers and the people living around reacted to the police attack which continued the entire day. At 21.00 pot pan protest came out at Kazancı Yokuşu.

More than 40 persons were detained during the protests

More than 40 persons were detained at different places during the day. LGBTI+s were battered and tortured by the police during the detention. Following a health check and an interrogation at Vatan Emniyet and Karaköy Police Station, they were released at the same night.

We shout, we cry!

Here is the full text of the press release:

We are holding our 19th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Parade, once again in Taksim, on Saturday, June 26th. As we stand up to restricting our space by dispersing and being everywhere, this time we’re altogether turning back and filling up the streets, blaring out.

To those who dare enslaving us in our own streets, rivers, mountains and bodies; we protect and expand our space against the state, police, trustees and the mob, the hatred and marginalization. We watch over our streets against the systematic and ongoing oppression of society in recent years.

Last year has passed with oppression, violence and bullying for both LGBTI+s and the whole society. However, we don’t back down from our rights, existence, and freedom. Against those trying to criminalize rainbows, we claim it.

Sex worker women displaced from Küçük Bayram continue to resist in the streets the precarity, violence and oppression experienced in the pandemic as in all disasters.

In the protests that started with the appointment of trustee rector Melih Bulu at Boğaziçi University, all Boğaziçi students and academics, especially LGBTI+s, continue to stand out against the state violence, trustees, and unjustified assignations.

Kurdish trans+ people, who were subjected to detention and torture in Kadıköy on March 6, continue to resist on the streets.

Women and LGBTI+s continue to stand in the streets against those who abolished the Istanbul Convention in one night, which aims to protect the lives of lubunyas and women.

Lesbians, ignored by the 12th president saying there is no such thing, continue to claim their identities and resist on the streets.

Lubunyas, targeted and declared as deviant by the ministers with exposed relationships with the mafia, continue to come out with honor, to be visible, to deviate from moralism, and to resist on the streets.

The Kurds, who are tried to be scared out of politics by the raided party buildings, continue to keep Deniz Poyraz alive and resist on the streets.

Those who resist for mountains and waters in İkizdere and for the planet as a whole continue to resist in the forests and on the streets.

For days, the wastes of the governments have been manifesting itself on the Marmara Sea. Despite this, today there is also the groundbreaking ceremony of Kanal Istanbul, which means the slaughter of the nature, sea and habitats of all living things in Istanbul. As we stick up for live, from Gezi Park to Hasankeyf, states impertinently continue to plunder nature and culture for years.

We know the violence and threats from Eryaman, Sur, Kazdağları and the plundering of many of our safe living spaces. Day by day exposing state and mafia relations are in our lives, in our homes; it doesn't get off our tail! The threats and attacks of state officials against our picnic in Heybeliada and Maçka this year have shown us once again that hatred, violence and war are fed by the state itself.

We, as LGBTI+s, women, workers, Kurds and students, are determined to stand together against all the attacks directed against us by the state. We will organize together, shout together in the street, party again, protect and grow our safe spaces, all together.

Because we know, behind all bans, attacks, blockings and attempts to ignore, there is fear! They are aware of their crimes and are afraid of facing trial. They are aware of the will of the people, they are afraid of losing their seats. They know that we will not disappear by being ignored, they are afraid of our existence. But there is more than that! We are more queer, more immoral, more lacy, more organized than they think. We keep resisting on the streets.

Lubunyas who are here today, missing the streets and each other very much; those who couldn’t come maybe because they don't feel well or for some other reason; those who are bullied or feel lonely; or displaced; those who faced state violence, Happy Pride for all!

We want not only this street, but also the whole of Taksim, Istanbul and all cities and rurals. Bless your hearth lubunya! Happy pride month!

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