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Kaos GL which fights against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity organizes International Meeting Against Homophobia at May 17th for 7 years now.

International Meeting Against Homophobia From May 1st to May 17th Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

International Day against Homophobia from May 1st to May 17th is nearing. The 7th Meeting which will end with “Anti-homophobia and Anti-transphobia Demonstration” is going to make its central activities in Ankara in May. 

Kaos GL which fights against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity organizes International Meeting Against Homophobia at May 17th for 7 years now. 

Meeting against Homophobia and Transphobia for 7 Years! 

Everyone who wants to discuss the problems of LGBT and homophobia and transphobia and to be free together with homosexuals and heterosexuals can attend the International Meeting Against Homophobia which establishes struggle networks against discrimination.
International Meeting Against Homophobia which was made in May 2006 for the first time is organized for the 7th time.
Feminist Forumwhich is a part of every Meeting Against Homophobia since 2006 was turned into a two day international forum and completed in Ankara Cebeci Campus at 10-11 March.
The second Regional Network Against Homophobia whose first one was also part of the Meeting was made with representatives of anti-homophobia and LGBT organizations from Caucasus, Middle Eastern and Balkan countries in Ankara at 16-19 February.
The third “Student Meeting Against Homophobia and Tansphobia will be held at April 21 -23. 
  Meeting Against Homophobia from May 1st to May 17th
After many local activities in different cities and campuses the central activities of the 7th Meeting will be made in Ankara between May 7thand May 17th.
The activities listed below will be part of the program of International Meeting Against Homophobia which will begin after the May 1st in which we participate for twelve years now with our rainbow flags.
“Manhood Forum”, will be at May 3rd Thursday in METU
“Arkadas Z. Ozger Meeting”, will be at May 4th -5th in Cebeci Campus
“Refugee Workshop”, will be at May 10th Thursday
“Forum Against Borders for Asylum Seekers”, will be at May 11th Friday
“Anti-militarist” and “Anarco-Queer forum”, will be May 12th Saturday
“Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Forum”, will be at May 13th Sunday
“International Day Against Homophobia”, will be at May 17thThursday
“Comrade Forum” will be at May 17th Thursday
“Media-Communication Forum” will be at May 18th Friday
“Forum Against Borders: What is hidden behind the doors which are closed by nationalism?” will be at May 19th Saturday
The 7th International Meeting Against homophobia will end with “Demonstration Against Homophobia and Transphobia” at May 20th.
Symposiumsin Meeting Against Homophobia
“Symposiums Against Discrimination” will be made autonomously from the program of Meeting Against Homophobia just like “Regional Network Against Homophobia” and “International Feminist Forum”.
This year Kaos GL will make 5 symposiums on LGBT people’s rights struggle and social rights in Human Rights Week in December.
The symposiums in which social rights will be discussed, is going to be about medicalization of sexuality and conservative policies which justify the institutionalization of discrimination and inequality under the guise of terms like “family values”, “obscenity” and “public morals”. Not just LGBT people but also those groups and specialists who are interested in social rights will participate in symposiums.
Meeting Coordination group announced “Symposiums against Discrimination” as listed below:
“Right to Housing, Gender of Space and City”, “Right to Work, Employment, Union Movement”, “Social Service Areas for LGBT People”, “Discrimination of Sexual Orientation and Identity in Education” and for the right to health “From Disease to Rights Struggle; Trajectory of Homosexuality and LGBT Movement Against Inequality” Symposiums will be organized.
Whose Problem Is The Homophobia?
Kaos GL which adapted “May 17th The InternationalDayAgainstHomophobia” to Turkey with its “Meeting Against Homophobia” asks the question that “whose problem is the homophobia” and tries to see the overlaps between different discriminations. Moreover Kaos GL aims to establish grassroots links between the struggles against aforementioned discriminations with emancipation struggles.
When Kaos GL emphasized the connections between homophobia, transphobia on the one hand, sexism, nationalism, racism, militarism on the other, the importance of the question was realized both in academia and wider civil society. Therefore local groups who wish to make Meeting Against Homophobia in their own cities and campuses spring in different places. This makes possible to discuss the issue of homophobia in cities and campuses where LGBT people are not visible yet.
Why from May 1st to May 17th?
Kaos GL which states that if the demand for freedom is common, the struggles must also be together, links the struggles for freedom from May 1st to May 17th.
In 2001 Kaos GL participated in the May 1st demonstration in Ankara for the first time and with their rainbow flags emphasized the connection between the labor and LGBT struggles in the public.
The institutionalization of the LGBT movement and rights struggle worldwide opened new perspectives. However homophobia and transphobia is still a global problem, although some of the rights were achieved. Therefore International Day against Homophobia is still important for mobilization and activism. In this spirit Meeting Against Homophobia connects May 1st with May 17th.

Translation: Sercan Kıyak
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